This page serves to answer some of the questions students frequently ask.

1. When can I apply for membership?

Membership enrollment begins the first day of the academic semester, and the deadline to submit an application is two weeks before the Induction Ceremony of then current semester.

2. Where can I pick up an application?

Applications are available on the How to Become a Member page, and you can also receive an application by emailing at

3. Where can I drop off my application?

Applications can be dropped of in the Student Affairs building (M-200). 

4. What are the requirements to apply for membership?

You must have completed 12 semester units and have maintained a minimum GPA of 3.5

5. How much does membership cost?

There is a one time fee of $90.

6. What are the benefits of being a member?

As a member you have access to over $37 million in scholarships and grants, opportunity for leadership experience, voting power as it pertains to chapter affairs, access to the website which includes the Five Star Competitive Edge program, and personalized letters of recommendation from Phi Theta Kappa headquarters.

7. Can I still apply for membership if my GPA is below 3.5?

Unfortunately, at the moment we cannot offer provisional membership for those with a lower GPA,  but you can still partake in the volunteer events that we have planned.

8. What is the Five Star Competitive Edge Program?

The Five Star Competitive Edge program provides resume building techniques, interview strategies, a professional portfolio on the Mahara website, and an assortment of training videos which can all be listed on your resume.

9. What kind of events does the chapter engage in?

Throughout the semester, chapter members can participate in volunteer opportunities, fellowship events, and educational seminars.

10. How cpan EOPS help reimburse my membership fee?

*Note that not all PTK members will be eligible for this benefit through San Diego City College's EOPS program.

1. Students must make an appointment with an EOPS counselor to submit the EOPS Petition to request reimbursement.

2. Students must bring a copy of the PTK email confirmation (with the code) that they receive once the PTK application is submitted. This must be attached to the EOPS Petition.

3. The EOPS Petition will be approved if the student has an unmet financial need (as determined by the financial aid office). The student must also meet the EOPS program requirements.

4. Once approved, the EOPS grant check will be requested. Students will receive this check in the sae manner that they receive their financial aid (direct deposit, mail or pick-up).

5. Checks will be requested on an as needed basis and are generated weekly (Friday evenings ) and funds should be received by te end of the following week.

11. Where can I find the Community Service Verification Form?

Please click here to download the Community Service Verification Form.